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Staff Administration

Human Staff manages the staff of your company, with the flexibility that your business requires, as we structure the payroll according to your needs

We offer free:

• Recruitment of personnel in an eventual or with option to plant.
• We are responsible both legally and laborally for the staff administered
• Support and advice to both the client and the employee in the procedures before public institutions (IMSS, Infonavit, Fonacot, Afore, etc.)
• Personalized attention

Recruitment and Selection

Human Staff offers through its specialized personnel, to identify the best talent to cover any vacancy in the shortest possible time

We offer

• Position Profile Diagnostics
• Search for candidates
• Selection of candidates
• Diagnosis of candidate profile
• Tests of intelligence, personality, behavior, skills and abilities
• Advice on your talent needs
• Candidate tenders and feedback
• Integration of work file
• Warranty


Human staff offers you psychometric tools , either by application , by battery or by any other independent test to choose , to identify staff oriented to have attitude and be compatible according what you are looking for.

We offer:

Inteligent , personality , behavior skills and apttitudes tests for all diferent groups low , medium or high

Socioeconomic Studies

Human Staff performs a home visit to the evaluated. This with the intention of verifying data such as neighborhood references, work history, family and friends supported with photographs of the dwelling and the environment of the same to finally allow us to issue a criterion of the social, economic and labor field of the evaluated with the intention of Identify if you are a reliable and durable employee

Head Hunting

Human Staff conducts a specialized search for manager and chief command positions in different labor sectors.

We offer:

• Interpret all your needs for the correct choice of candidates
• Confidentiality of the entire process
• Staff guarantee

Ideal Time to Contract us:

• If you are restructuring your organization.
• You are looking for greater organization in specific areas.
• You need to reduce risks and / or fines to public institutions.
• You have lost focus of your business because of administrative issues.
• The cost of your Human Capital department is high.
• You have open vacancies to cover.
• You want to decrease the turnover of your staff.
• You need to recruit and select a high command post.
• Require confidential personnel searches.



• Eliminate Labor Liabilities
• Legal and Labor Responsibility
• Decrease Union Power
• Management of government institutions
• Perform a recruitment 100% attached to the profile and established times
• Knowledge of candidates under 360 ° schemes
• Reliable and reliable information collected by our staff.
• Delegate the attention of staff

Human Resources

• Recruitment and Selection Experts
• Decrease of Administrative Burden
• Multiple publication of vacancies
• Extensively tested recruitment process
• Application of psychometric battery according to position
• Extensive and careful investigation of the candidates career path


• Flexibility
• Focus on core activities of your business
• Staffing as a competitiveness strategy
• Decrease in rotation
• Decreased risk in hiring
• Replacement guarantee
• Vacancy coverage in less time


• Reduction in Operating Costs
• Cost Reduction of Recruitment and Selection
• Increased Performance and Utility
• Reduce Work Risk
• Eliminates Fines for Extemporaneous Payments
• 100% tax deductible service